Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Summer Lovin'

Hello, Retro Fans!

As you ALL know, Wednesdays and Saturdays THROUGH MAY Retro has Pink Lemonade and Iced Tea cupcakes available. However, due to the MASS popularity of Pink Lemonade, we've decided to keep it ALL SUMMER LONG!!

Iced Tea is GREAT, yes (in fact , it's MY fav between the two), but Pink Lemonade has a following that apparently, needs to be REFRESHED all through the HOT summer in Las Vegas. So, enjoy Iced Tea while you can (only FOUR more times in May, including today!!), but know that Pink Lemonade will quench your thirst through August.

What's June's Flavor?? A couple of you already know...but I'll be announcing it SOON (it debuts Wednesday, June 3rd).