Tuesday, July 29, 2008

See Ya, Creamsicle???

Wednesday, July 27th, is Creamsicle's "official" last day....or is it?

If you want Retro Bakery to keep Creamsicle AT LEAST until you feel a chill in the air, TELL US!!

We want YOU to tell us if Creamsicle is good enough to stay until Halloween! If we get enough response by NEXT SATURDAY (August 2...the FIRST day of August's flavor), we'll keep Creamsicle in the case every day!

You want it? You got it! Just let us know! Shout it from your rooftop! Email it from your computer! Or just come in and say, "Hey! I LOVE Creamsicle. It cools me off. It gives me a little break from this heat. Please keep it!"

Whatever works for you!

See you at Retro!